Oil paintings immortalise 30 contributors to national liberation

(VOV) -An exhibition of oil paintings, opened in Hanoi on December 24, highlights the major contributions of 30 foreigners to Vietnam’s past struggles for national liberation and construction.

The exhibition’s opening drew luminaries including Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) Chairman Vu Xuan Hong and Deputy Minister of Culture, Sport, and Tourism Vuong Duy Bien.

The 30 oil portraits honour international friends who supported the cause of Vietnamese resistance and continue to support its ongoing national development ambitions.

The portraits span senior political leaders, pilots, activists, writers, and journalists from Laos, Cuba, Britain, Japan, China, Chile, Australia, India, France, the US, Sweden, Cambodia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Venezuela.

British activist Len Aldis

British activist Len Aldis

A portrait of British activist Len Aldis commemorates his humanitarian work in Vietnam, while French engineer Raymond Aubrachas been recognized for assisting the late President Ho Chi Minh’s diplomacy and helping with landmine clearance work.