Finger painting exhibition opens in Da Lat

The painter Vo Trinh Bien and his oil finger paintings

The painter Vo Trinh Bien and his oil finger paintings

Nhan Dan Online – An exhibition entitled ‘Dance of Spring’, is showing 59 oil finger paintings by painter Vo Trinh Bien at Hoa Binh Exhibition Centre in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.

The paintings, selected from more than 100 works created by Bien in 2013, are experimentations with abstract style.

Bien came from a poor family in Quang Ngai Province and matriculated at Da Lat University more than 20 years ago. He studied literature and worked part time to earn a living.

When Bien first began painting, he used a more conventional approach, utilizing palm paintbrushes. Then he had the idea of painting with his fingers instead. He said that finger painting is fascinating.

This art form has hidden nuances different from those of standard painting methods. For example, the artist can change a color’s shade by applying different amounts of pressure with his fingers.

Although the artist has to wash his hands with crude oil after every hour of painting to reduce the chemicals in the color, finger painting has many advantages. The painter can work whenever and wherever he wants and does not need an easel. This flexibility saves time; some pictures can be finished in as little as few minutes.

Bien has held 15 solo exhibitions including the following titles: Mat Na (The Mask), Pho Toi (My Street), Giai Dieu Cua Truc (Melody of the small bamboo), Dong Chay (The stream), Nhung Sac Mau Ky Uc (Colors of memories), Dau An Thoi Gian (Marks of time), Than Phan (Fate), 31 Ngay (31 Days), Thang Long Ngay Ay (Thang Long Then), and Nang (Sunshine).

The exhibition runs from January 8-20.

Some works by the painter Vo Trinh Bien: